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Claudia C
A Rare Find Simply put - Alexis is among the very best. She has clearly worked hard to master her craft and integrates a wide range of treatment approaches tailored exactly to her patients' needs. As a competitive athlete herself - she understands the passion to move and push oneself and has experienced sports injuries and the cycle of recovery first hand. She combines her experience and training with simply amazing skill - and she listens. The result is our shared goal - I am healing faster and moving better than I had thought possible. After three visits, a challenging injury is well on its' way to recovery and my peace of mind in having her level of care has given me the confidence to know that I'll not only fully recover in time for an event - but that I have the ability to increase my performance. Over the past two decades, I've worked with many gifted practitioners and am thrilled to have found Alexis. She will be an integral part of my wellness and training going forward.
Michael D
I'm Not an Athlete Like Some of These Posters But Alexis' understanding of the relationship between muscle, tendon, and mind is obvious to even a common guy like me. The session was incredible, and I highly recommend it to anyone. Even someone not experiencing chronic pain, or who has an acute injury!
Jes Rivas
Keeping me rolling to two world championships! I've been visiting Alexis for the past two years with a myriad of injuries and complaints from playing competitive roller derby. Alexis' expertise and care have allowed me to recover faster, to train harder and to perform at the highest levels. I recommend her highly.
Nikki V
Immediate Relief from a Caring Practitioner I've suffered from elbow pain roughly 2 years and after just 1 session with Alexis, things are already so much better. She genuinely cares about helping her patients feel better and regain mobility/quality of life and is very thorough and knowledgeable in her treatment. I highly recommend her to anyone, especially athletes suffering any kind of pain. I only wish I lived closer and could see her regularly!
Cathy Hall
AMAZING!!! I can't say enough about Anatomy Acupuncture, "Alexis". I have been seeing Alexis for a little over a year now and I would rate her 10 stars if there were 10. I LOVE to run and have been fighting a few injuries on and off for 2 years now. In the process, I have learned a lot my gait and running healthy in general, but Alexis' has been a huge part of my recoveries. Not only has she made my injuries heal quickly, but she genuinely cares about "you", she is "real" and does everything she can to get you back to whatever it is you enjoy doing. I have and will continue to see her just for maintenance. Prior to Alexis, I never had acupuncture done. I am glad I was introduced to acupuncture AND Alexis!!!
Amy K
My quality of life and activity level are much improved. Seeing Alexis helped me turn the corner with the chronic pain from scoliosis. My quality of life and activity level are much improved. Alexis is amazing and I would and do recommend her to anyone!
Acupuncture and bodywork- a complete package! The best thing about Alexis' bodywork is her firm, touch which helps me feel comfortable and safe. From the first needle (needles = eek!) through to the amazing integrative bodywork at the end of every session, I felt comfortable with her work. Her touch is intuitive and healing, and she communicates well to be sure I am getting the exact work done I need each visit. I've been seeing her for 4 or 5 months now and every session has been 5 stars, all the way. Thanks Alexis!
Marathon Rescue Two weeks before my goal race, I tweaked my lower leg to the point where I couldn't run 10 feet. A few days of rest and I barely saw any improvement, so I contacted Alexis in a desperate hope to save my race - even though I'd never tried acupuncture before. Amazingly, after just a couple treatments my leg returned to normal enough for me to run (and finish) the race. I can't recommend Alexis enough. She made my first acupuncture experience a breeze, provided the exact treatment I needed (massage, cupping and KT tape in addition to acupuncture), and provided a more thorough examination than almost any medical doctor I've ever met. The office environment is welcoming and comfortable. Five starts isn't enough. Runners, do yourselves a favor: if you have ANY signs of a tweak or pain that shouldn't be there, just go see Alexis.
Chip K.
Better ROM, less pain. Scarring on a 7 year old surgery site and a nearby area were numb until I had acupuncture for mobility and pain issues. Now- not only do I have much better ROM, I have far, far fewer pain problems related to the old injury, and have had significant return of skin sensation/feeling. Yay Alexis!
Vanessa T
Having time to see her is my zen! I have been seeing Alexis for four years now, has always helped me get better inside and out. I am a workaholicand have many hobbies I participate in, so I am always out and about. Having time to see her is my zen! She knows exactly how to heal and help my body feel rejuvenated. My quality of life has never been better!
Sean Kalley
Awesome Alexis is a wonderful practitioner. Her background has made her very well rounded, and she understands both eastern and western medicine practices. The treatments over the years have enabled me to keep doing what I love.
Todd F
Very Happy I have had numbness and shooting pain in my leg for over 5 years and my traditional doctor kept coming up with crazy diagnoses and prescribing pain killers. Basically masking the symptoms and not getting to the cause.... After just three visits to Alexis I no longer have numbness or pain. I don't understand acupuncture, but I can tell you it worked for me. Going forward I plan on calling Alexis before visiting my primary care physician. I cant believe I put up with the pain for that many years thinking that there was nothing that could be done.
Erica J.
After just one treatment, my hip feels BRAND NEW. Alexis is the best acupuncturist I've visited. She listens to my problems and adapts her treatments to whatever is bothering me. I wish that I lived closer so that I could visit her more often!
I recently visited Anatomy Acupuncture for help with piriformis syndrome and sciatic pain because I wanted to be able to run. After just one treatment, my hip feels BRAND NEW. Regular doctors had told me to just stop running, but I went to Alexis instead.  She is a miracle worker; she fixed me up so that I can work out again without pain. Alexis is the best!!
Brian A.
For anyone serious about their athletic performance. I would highly recommend Anatomy Acupuncture (and Alexis) to anyone that is serious about their athletic performance and getting their body ready to deliver maximum performance.  Alexis was instrumental in keeping me injury-free and focused on my way to successfully qualifying for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI.  Her ability to look at the body, mind and training holistically provided me with just the right amount of treatment to reduce and eliminate any potential tweaks or injuries.
Robert H.
Part of my recovery toolkit As an over-50 runner, and someone who has tried a number of different health care modalitites over the years -- massage, chiropractic, PT, etc. -- to recover from exercise-related injuries, I hold Alexis's skills and knowledge in very high regard. Her initial intake of me was as in-depth and thorough as anyone's (and much more in depth than many I've had), and her treatments -- along with the home exercises she assigned -- addressed both the injury itself and the physical weaknesses and imbalances that helped me get injured in the first place. She also addressed some other non-running related issues I had going on. As many other reviewers have already noted, Alexis takes the time to ask about and to listen to what's really going on with you. When I read about how many elite runners are beginning to use acupuncture as part of their recovery toolkit, I decided to give Alexis a try, and I'm extremely glad I did.
Cynthia S.
I left feeling better and more hopeful than I had in 6 months.  Last fall I was injured while working out with my personal trainer.  I was deadlifting 150 pounds when I felt my form shift.  I knew my back was injured but I wasn't sure what to do.  My trainer really wasn't able to help me with any meaningful recovery, so after a month of intense pain I switched to a trainer who was known for helping people with injures.   I made slow and steady progress and  after a few months he encouraged me to seek out acupuncture to help with my pain.  I found Alexis through an internet search and after visiting her website and reading about her work with athletes and dancers I felt  she was the one who might be able to help me.  My first meeting with Alexis was wonderful.  She was very thorough and helped me feel at ease during our first session. After discussing my medical history and an explanation of what caused my injury she explained what would happen during our session.  I had never had any acupuncture  and I wasn't nervous, but I was excited to see if it would help. I left feeling better and more hopeful than I had in 6 months.  Within 3 sessions my back was feeling so much better that I began to realize I would be able to go back to everything I had been doing before being injured.  I would  recommend Alexis to anyone who has thought about acupuncture .  She is a warm, wonderful, caring clinician and I also believe she is a genius at being able to pinpoint what is wrong with your body.  I will always be grateful that I found her, she has given me back my life.
Alexis rocks! As an older athlete, my body doesn't always cooperate. But Alexis keeps me ready for each race. I wholeheartedly recommend Alexis!
A million times better! Thanks again for fixing me up!  Feel a million times better. :) 
Sarah D.
After only two visits I'm back to running and I'm feeling immense relief. As an endurance runner, it's rare to find a medical practitioner who truly understands and knows how to treat sports injuries. Alexis definitely does! Based on a friend's recommendation, I recently visited Alexis for a mysterious injury to my foot that kept me from running and was causing me a lot of stress.  Where other practitioners failed, Alexis succeeded.  After only two visits I'm back to running and I'm feeling immense relief.  Alexis is very thorough and cares a lot about her clients.  She will give you her undivided attention and even follows up later that week to see how you are doing.  I have been to 4-5 other acupuncturists over the years and she is by far the best.  I would not hesitate to call upon Alexis again when needed!
Samantha L.
“Never having been treated with acupuncture or any of its cousins, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve never had a fear of needles but the thought of them being stuck in my body wasn’t exactly pleasant. I choose not to see them prior to treatment, and had absolutely no problem–the only pain (and it was extremely minor) was when the needle penetrated the skin, and it only lasted half a second at most. I went in hoping to find relief from the tendinitis in both my knees and pain in my hips… It’s been two days since my treatment and I already feel a difference. I had a wonderful experience and can’t wait to go back!”
Kentrel W.
I’m feeling great! I feel like treatment allowed my body to regenerate faster than a normal rate. My hip is showing improvement and the acupuncture helped my achilles as well.
Jenny W.
“Alexis has magical hands (and needles)! This was my first acupuncture session ever; I was a little nervous, but my quad had recently been injured and I wanted to get a jump-start on the healing process. Alexis explained the whole procedure before we began and kept me updated on what was going on during the session. She also took the time to assess my posture and give me tips and exercises to help improve it. Alexis was correct in saying that acupuncture wouldn’t hurt. I felt slight pressure or “tingling sensations” when she inserted the needles that were actually kind of pleasant! After leaving, I felt a difference in my quad almost immediately. I’ve also been sleeping much better since the session. I highly recommend visiting Alexis and her practice!”
Can't say enough good things about Alexis! Alexis is incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and will give you her undivided attention. After one session I was feeling better and after two I was back to running. I'm experienced with acupuncture but appreciated her carefully explaining every procedure. Her personable and professional demeanor will put you at ease. Even if you are unsure about how acupuncture can help you, don't hesitate to make an appointment with Alexis. I highly recommend her!
Brandon M.
Where narcotics, sports medicine specialists, and general practitioners failed, Alexis succeeded. Where narcotics, sports medicine specialists, and general practitioners failed, Alexis succeeded.  I was nearly completely crippled by back pain for months.  My first steps were with M.D.s.  I got zero relief from anything they did.  Not only that, I never felt like they truly cared about my pain (in fact, after multiple completely worthless trips to one particular dr. over the course of a few months, he said, "You've been in here several times complaining about the same thing.  I believe that you're in pain."  Really?  You finally believe me?).  That uncaring attitude doesn't exist with Alexis.  Every time I went to her, I truly believed that she appreciated my agony, and wanted to help.  Throughout the course of my battle with my back, I never felt so cared about.  And the icing on that cake: she actually took the pain away!  Her combination of needling, heat, and massage was just the thing I needed. I couldn't recommend Alexis more highly!!!
Emily Running
“I recently had major hip surgery. Pre surgery I worked with Alexis mostly to alleviate associated pain and address stress symptoms that inevitably come with going through a intense medical procedure. Post surgery she has been an integral part of my recovery. Within days following surgery Alexis used both Chinese herbs and needles to reduce my swelling at a miraculous rate. She has also helped with numbness, pain and even re-educating the nerves and muscles back to movement. One of the many things I love about Alexis is that I can go in with my list of symptoms and problem areas and with her advanced knowledge of the complex connections that exist in the body she makes sense of it all. She then uses a variety of techniques and skills including needling, moxa, herbs, electric stimulation, and body work to treat the whole body. Beyond that she is personable, caring and genuinely loves what she does. ”
Barry B.
I am so happy I found Alexis; she really has improved my quality of life. I found Alexis by pure luck a couple of years ago when my lower back went out on me while working. I have had chronic problems since high school in my lumbar region due to overzealous weight lifting as a teenager and violent collisions while playing football. Now, as an electrician, I find myself having to contort my body into unnatural positions in order to install lighting and wiring. On one such occasion at work about two years ago, my back failed me while picking up a heavy box, to the point where I couldn’t even stand up without intense pain. As I was lying on the floor of the construction office, wondering why this kept happening to me and what I could do about it, I started flipping through the yellow pages looking for acupuncturists. Previous consultations with my doctor hadn’t yielded much relief, and I had always been curious if acupuncture could help. I called and left messages to about ten practitioners, but Alexis was the only one who promptly called me back. She was able to start treatment that very day and I saw her three more times over the next two weeks. She let me know that for acute problems like mine, it might take some time for the treatments to take effect. But after the first session I definitely felt some relief, and by the fourth appointment my back felt great. I decided to continue seeing her regularly as a form of preventive medicine. I have chosen a career that can often be hard on my body, and I am lucky to have found someone who can help me maintain my health. What I like about Alexis is her comprehensive approach to treatment. Along with acupuncture she has also used Chinese methods like herbal medicines, gua sha, fire cupping and moxibustion. We’ve tried electro-stimulation and often she will tape up my back if I need some extra support. She also employs light and deep tissue massage, which is always my favorite part of the session. I am so happy I found Alexis; she really has improved my quality of life. I recently tried another acupuncture clinic and it just made me realize how good Alexis is and what quality, focused treatment she provides. She has been so attentive to my needs as a patient. I would gladly recommend her to anyone who feels that acupuncture may be beneficial to them. It certainly has for me.
Vanessa B.
I've come to rely on Alexis' treatment for everything from acute injuries and body aches to injury prevention and overall wellbeing. I am incredibly hard on my body and Alexis with Anatomy Acupuncture always helps me feel better. Whether it's stress, joint or muscle injuries, Alexis' wealth of knowledge about healing through acupuncture and body work always puts me in a better place after her treatments. I've been a patient of hers for two years and she has helped me recover from two surgeries - hip and wrist. I've come to rely on Alexis' treatment for everything from acute injuries and body aches to injury prevention and overall wellbeing. I highly recommend Alexis!!
Robin McAlpine, Owner: Shakti House
It’s now a year later and I’m in aerial yoga, doing down dogs and handstands and arm balances and pain free. Because of Alexis.
“In February of 2011 I went to a massage therapist with a sore stiff shoulder. He promptly diagnosed me with the what they call the “freezing stage” of Frozen Shoulder. He told me that it no one has any idea how you get it, but it warned me that it typically freezes for about a year, stays frozen for a year and starts to maybe thaw over the third year. My shoulder was excruciating. Excruciating. So painful that I went to a physical therapist and GP, who told me it’s a menopausal symptom ( oh joy), told me it’s going to take years and prescribed Dilauded. Which I took. And then went home and Googled “Acupuncturists + Portland + Anatomy”. And found myself 10 minutes later on the phone with Alexis Goldstein, who changed my life.

Over the next few months, Alexis used a combination of acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, Gua Sha massage, Moxa and her magical taping, and the shoulder started to heal…the pain dissipated and I started gaining flexibility literally years before the doctors said I would. Alexis is a great listener, sympathetic, funny, warm and a brilliant healer. It’s now a year later and I’m in aerial yoga, doing down dogs and handstands and arm balances and pain free. Because of Alexis. I could not recommend Alexis more highly.”

Kate D.
I have been seeing Alexis for about two years now .  I found out early last year that I was pregnant and starting seeing Alexis on a weekly basis to help with the common symptoms of pregnancy.  Alexis was very in tune with what my needs were and went above and beyond to understand how to help me.  I had no morning sickness and very little back and neck pain thanks to her.  As a first time mom at 39 years old she also helped me deal with anxiety and stress.  She incorporates massage into her treatments as well which is a perfect way to end a session.  She has an extremely gentle and kind nature about her which adds to the whole experience.  I have been continuing treatments on a monthly basis post pregnancy and have a beautiful healthy happy baby boy.  I highly recommend Alexis to anyone, she is the best there is!!!
Daniel Bax, Bax Volleyball
I'm a pro level competitive volleyball player and instructor who has been suffering from a torn rotator cuff  injury and bicipital tendonitis for over two years.  While up in Portland, from LA, for the Seaside Volleyball Tournament (biggest beach tourney in the US)  and at my wits end with pain when spiking, even after PT,  I decided to try acupuncture.  I must say, I was unsure and quite skeptical that this treatment would work especially given the severity of the trauma and constant overuse of the injured area.  So, I came to see Alexis two days before the tourney for an acute treatment for the severe pain in my hitting shoulder.  The day after the treatment and for the first time in over two years, I was able to play the entire tournament pain free!   To my great surprise and pleasure, Alexis' treatment was absolutely amazing and made me a true believer in the power of acupuncture!  Thank you Alexis - You Rock!!!
Sara W.
I stumbled upon Anatomy Acupuncture when I relocated to Portland searching for an acupuncturist. Alexis does an absolutely fantastic job with the needles, add in the rolling or cupping or stretching and she raises the bar above fantastic. If you are looking for an acupuncturist, you should absolutely make an appointment today!
Mendy W.
I have thought about doing acupuncture for years but my fear of needles has always stopped me. The first time I met with Alexis, she put my mind at ease. She sat and talked with me about the benefits of acupuncture and how it would help with the issues I was having (migraines, allergies and some other things I am sure you don't really want to know anything about). She showed me the needles that she would be using and talked me through the process. When I came in for my first treatment I was surprised that I felt no pain at all. I didn't even feel one of the needles going in. I was hooked! I felt amazing my symptoms were dramatically reduced over the following months and to this day I have never felt better. If you need more of a reason then that to visit, you should know that all of my appointments end with a few minutes of body work! What a relaxing and healing treat, thanks Alexis!
Ann Z.
Alexis treated a nerve issue on the top of my left foot and arthritis in the right hand.  I felt like I was falling apart!  After three treatments, the nerve problem has stopped.  Besides acupuncture, she also has herb treatments that I have used for the arthritis.  It is much better. Both my MD and the Mayo Clinic website recommend acupuncture for these issues and Alexis was very knowledgeable about the correct treatment.  If these flare up again, I will go back to Alexis without any hesitation.
Erica P.
I came to see Alexis after being injured in an auto accident. She has really helped my neck and back pain.  She clearly knows what she's doing and has quite a bit of expertise when it comes to musculoskeletal injures.  I've had a lot of experience seeing other alternative health care practitioners in my life and Alexis is one of the best I've seen.  If you're tired of being in chronic pain or have an acute injury I'm sure Alexis can help you.
Laurie G.
Alexis is an amazing acupuncturist.  She takes a complete history, listens to what you tell her and develops a treatment plan that is outstanding.  Due to her training and experience as an acupuncturist and massage therapist she takes a holistic approach to pain relief and a healthy lifestyle.  I have found that since I've gotten acupuncture on a regular basis my neck, shoulder and hip pain has decreased and I have had increased resistance to virus' as well.  Don't wait.  Call Alexis.  Your life will be better for it.  I know mine is.
Michael L.
“ I want to thank you again for all you have done for me! Without you I wouldn’t be dancing right now and that would have destroyed me. You have helped me continue to do what I love doing most, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!”
Jenni W.
“ I can’t get over how great it is to wake up in 2013 without back pain. Thanks to Alexis Goldstein and Anatomy Acupuncture, I have woken up pain free for almost a week! So amazing and worth checking out! Alexis is great. She explained everything thoroughly and was friendly and personable while at the same time maintaining a high level of professionalism. Heading back next week for my next session and I can’t wait!!!!”
Jessica H.
“As a dancer and aerial performer I rely on my body for artistic expression, fitness, and income. When I was experiencing discomfort from an old hamstring injury I became worried about my activity level. Alexis from Anatomy Acupuncture LLC was recommended to me by multiple friends. Not only have I noticed a significant change in the range of motion and decrease of pain in my hamstring but Alexis has offered a comfortable and relaxing experience that I appreciate greatly.”
Brian S.
“Alexis has helped save my back along with all of my other ailments. Being a wrestler through high school and a college thrower I was always hard on my body and the results have been to continue to have pain. But thanks to Alexis she has helped minimize the pain I have throughout my body. Not only that but she has help me minimize seasonal cold symptoms and even been able to lower my stress level when I have had a bad week, or am preparing for a wedding. I highly recommend Alexis and Anatomy Acupuncture.”
Ian B.
“Over the past year I have developed an addiction to golf. Consequently I have also developed a bit of a “tennis”, or in this case “golf elbow”. I haven’t really known how to deal with it other then suppress the pain with ibuprofen. Last week my aunt told me to give her acupuncturist, Alexis, a try. I’ve always been kind of skeptical of acupuncture but I went to my appointment and I am totally glad that I did!! Alexis, 100% knew her stuff! I’ve since gone to Anatomy Acupuncture twice and the pain is gone. I highly recommend her services. She’s great at what she does!!?”
Vicki G.
“I decided to get myself into shape by joining a bootcamp. In my younger years I was fairly athletic and felt the experience would be tough at first but I would quickly get into shape. It just so happened however that in one of the very first sessions I pulled a lower abdominal muscle that impacted my every movement. I continued to attend the bootcamps but limited what I did to try not to further aggravate my injury. My instructor asked if I’d ever tried acupuncture and I quickly replied I had not. I made an appointment with Alexis and found the experience very pleasant and very quickly my injury was healed. I’ve since recommended acupuncture to many family and friends and in particular Alexis. I don’t think many have tried it yet but they don’t know what they are missing.?”